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Social Impact and Charity

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What We Do

You don’t just want your money to work for you, but also work for your community. We can look into various charitable giving strategies, such as:

• Donor-advised fund options
• ESG investing
• Philanthropic education
• Endowment and Foundation portfolio strategies

The Importance of Social Impact and Charity

Social impact and charity is an important service provided by wealth advisors that can help clients make a positive contribution to the world. At Prosperity Wealth Advisors, our advisors are well-versed in philanthropy and can provide tailored advice on how to give back effectively. We can assist with the process of selecting charities that align with our client’s values and long-term goals. Additionally, our advisors can provide guidance on how to maximize the impact of charitable donations through strategic tax planning and estate planning. With social impact and charity services from a professional wealth advisor, clients can make a difference in the world while preserving their assets for generations to come.

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