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Estate and Trust Planning

What We Do

In planning for an inheritance, there are several factors and concerns we take into account. It’s important to consider:

• Life and legacy planning
• How to avoid leaving your children’s inheritance to their potential future ex-spouse
• Wealth transfer solutions
• Handling inheritance for special needs children
• Dealing with inheritance and income taxes

If you’re working with a trust, a will, or powers of attorney, we can connect you to our strategic partners to help you consider your options.

The Importance of Estate and Trust Planning

Estate and trust planning is an important service provided  that can help clients safeguard their assets and plan for the future. At Prosperity Wealth Advisors, our team of experts can provide guidance on how to effectively manage a client’s estate so that their legacy can be preserved for generations to come. We can also assist with the process of setting up trusts, creating wills, and selecting beneficiaries for tax purposes. Additionally, our advisors can help clients develop strategies to minimize estate taxes and protect their assets from creditors or lawsuits. 

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