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Retirement Planning Income

What We Do

We work to make sure you have enough money saved to generate the income you want for a comfortable retirement.

In determining how to make your money last, we consider factors like:

• How much money you can spend each year
• The best ways to handle Social Security decisions
• The ideal methods in dealing with inflation
• How to create/generate sustainable cash flow throughout retirement
• Strategies to overcome sequence of return risk in retirement

The Importance of Retirement Planning Income

Retirement planning income is an essential service provided by wealth advisors to ensure that a client's retirement savings are sufficient and secure. Here at Prosperity Wealth Advisors, we work with clients to create custom plans that fit their specific financial goals and objectives, help them define the right level of risk they can take on, and identify appropriate investment opportunities. In addition, we can help clients with strategies to manage their retirement income, such as tax planning and income sources. We can also guide clients on how to responsibly spend the money they've saved for retirement in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and achieve financial independence.

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