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IRA/401(k) Rollover

What We Do

We thoroughly analyze your portfolio to determine factors like:

• How much money you should leave in your 401(k)/403(b)/Lump-Sum Pension
• How much money you should transfer to an IRA
• What taxes will have to be paid if those funds are moved

We also identify how much risk is present in your portfolio – not too much that you stand to lose a lot if the markets crash, not too little that you don’t make sufficient returns to make your money last.

The Importance of IRA/401(k) Rollover

IRA/401k rollover is an essential service we provide that can help clients take advantage of the potential tax savings associated with retirement planning. Here at Prosperity Wealth Advisors, we can assist our clients in assessing their current retirement plan and determine whether it is the right fit for their situation. We can also help them explore other investment vehicles, such as IRAs and Roth IRAs. Our advisors can provide guidance on each option so the client can make the best decision for their situation. Additionally, our team of experts can help clients with the process of rolling over funds from one retirement account to another in order to maximize their savings. With IRA/401k rollover services from a professional wealth advisor, clients can be confident that their retirement savings and investments are well managed.

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