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We Save Our
Clients Money on Taxes

Your tax preparer tells you how much you owe in taxes. We work with you and your tax preparer and show you how much we can save you. Let us quickly find and calculate over 1,500 strategies at both the Federal and State level to legally reduce your taxes.

Our tax experts use over 1,500 strategies at both the Federal and State level to legally reduce tax liabilities. All year long, we work with businesses to ensure the strategies we implement continue to help them reach their financial goals. 

We Design, Implement & Monitor Advanced Tax Plans, Our Clients Save Money on Taxes...

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Decrease Your Tax Liability By 40%

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Trusted Tax Strategists & Accounting Professionals 

From how the tax code originated and became law to the unpleasant process of filing taxes – we think the tax industry is broken. Fact is, no one likes to pay taxes!  Our industry-leading tax strategists deliver comprehensive tax services to support individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes. Through advanced tax strategies, we are able to maximize your savings, while complying with all applicable tax laws.



Simply put, we want to help you KEEP your hard earned income! To do this, we capitalize on saving opportunities and leverage the tax code to significantly lower your tax bill.



Tax Advisory Services (TAS) is the process of providing monthly or quarterly consulting so you pay the least amount of tax possible. Our proactive approach to tax planning has proven to save our clients thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year!



Most people believe that their CPA, accountant, or tax preparer is saving them on taxes. The fact is, they are not. They are just preparing your tax return and submitting it to the IRS for reporting. We start with a tax assessment that allows us to understand your tax position and more importantly how to help you keep the money you have earned.



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Tax Strategists & Tax Professionals

A Detailed-Oriented and Personalized Touch

We enjoy seeing you find financial success and strive to protect your hard-earned money by crafting effective tax strategies, reducing overhead costs, and minimizing unnecessary expenses. Regardless of your company’s industry, we have the skills and expertise to provide a streamlined, stress-free experience. Our experts are proactive, thorough, and committed to your continuing financial well-being. You can count on our team to craft a unique package that suits your needs and keeps you regularly apprised of your financial status.

Comprehensive Tax Plan

Comprehensive tax planning is the process of taking proactive steps to analyze current and future financial situations, to minimize taxable income and ensure regulatory compliance. This type of planning involves not only tax compliance but also the utilization of strategies such as investment selection, retirement planning, distribution planning, estate planning, and charitable giving.

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Legal Entity Optimization

Legal Entity Optimization (LEO) is a process of streamlining and improving the efficiency of corporate structures by reducing the number of legal entities within an organization. This process involves analyzing the company's legal entities and their respective activities, in order to optimize cost savings while still achieving necessary compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. The most common aspects of LEO include consolidating legal entities, restructuring corporate governance, and optimizing tax strategies within the corporate structure.

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Asset Protection/Insurance

Asset protection is a strategy used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to protect their assets from threats such as creditors, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and other sources of financial harm. It involves a variety of measures to ensure that one’s personal or business property (e.g., money, investments, property) are safeguarded from potential loss due to unexpected events. Generally speaking, asset protection is a form of risk management which helps to minimize the chances of any losses due to unforeseen circumstances. Asset protection strategies may involve creating legal structures such as limited liability companies or trusts in order to shield certain assets from creditors while still allowing the owner access to them. Other methods include the use of insurance plans or tax strategies that can reduce the impact of any losses on an individual’s or organization’s financial security.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a vital part of financial security and peace of mind. It involves creating a tailored plan for saving, investing, and managing money over one's lifetime in order to ensure that enough funds are available for retirement. Retirement planning requires thoughtful consideration of short-term and long-term goals and objectives. It includes establishing an emergency fund, budgeting, reducing debt, using tax-advantaged savings vehicles like 401(k)s, IRAs, 529 plans, Roth IRAs and other investment accounts, protecting yourself from inflation risk with investments in stocks or bonds, selecting the right insurance policies to minimize risks like life insurance or disability insurance, and considering Social Security benefits when making decisions.

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Wealth management is an important part of overall financial planning. In order to have a secure financial future, it is important to understand the goals and objectives of your wealth management plan. This includes saving for retirement, estate planning, managing investments and taxes, retirement income strategies, and insurance needs. A successful wealth management strategy should be tailored to meet your individual needs in order to maximize your long-term success. Professional advisors can help you create a comprehensive plan that meets all of your needs and works toward achieving your specific goals.

Wealth Management Review

Core Strategy Implementation

Core tax strategy implementation is a comprehensive approach to corporate taxation that involves multiple aspects of an organization's operations and activities. It requires strategic planning, proactive management, and consistent monitoring and evaluation in order to maximize the benefits of a corporation’s tax structure. The focus should be on optimizing both tax compliance and overall financial performance. The core elements of a successful tax strategy are: 1. Defining the scope. 2. Establishing policies and procedures. 3. Understanding legal requirements. 4. Utilizing optimization techniques. 5. Utilizing appropriate technology. & 6. Measuring results.

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Real Client Stories | Images Changed For Privacy

“That’s amazing. It really justifies how awesome you guys are. You’re literally the dream team.”

- Jessica L.

“This [tax projection] is super helpful. I was kind of in the dark, but this has been a great exercise.”

- Joe S

“You guys are great. We still get the work done but we get the bonus of saving $25,000 and we can tell you really give a sh*t about our business.”

- Andy & Amy

“Business owners who aren’t tax planning with you are literally leaving money on the table.”

-Spencer H.

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Most business owners THINK their tax firm is helping them with tax planning…


Unfortunately, they are just putting numbers in boxes.

We’ve spent years developing our unique process for tax planning that makes sure you are taking advantage of the strategies that work. From our assessment, to planning, strategy, and advising, to our quarterly meetings – we make sure you have what you need to reduce your tax liability and stay compliant.

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