Why Choose Prosperity Wealth Advisors


As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® our Wealth Advisors have a legal fiduciary obligation by upholding your interests above our own. 


As an registered investment Advisor, Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc. has a responsibility to provide clients with fair and full disclosure of all material facts as well as act solely in the best interest of our clients at all times. We have no "hidden agenda" or drive to sell any particular financial product. Prosperity Wealth Advisors utilizes the custodial services of LPL Financial - the largest independent broker/dealer in the United States for 20 consecutive years as reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2016, based on total revenue.


Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc. values unbiased investment research and advice. We have access to many independent research resources including the LPL in-house research team, which has more than 12 CFAs. We thoroughly analyze product research and only select investments that are best suited to our clients needs and financial objectives. Prosperity Wealth Advisors offers no proprietary products, investment banking business, or any other conflicts that can get in the way of providing independent, objective, and unbiased investment research.


Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc. believes it is important to take a comprehensive approach to Wealth Planning. Our goal is to deliver exceptional financial guidance and personalized service to help you build and preserve your wealth, create a strategy for passing on a lasting heritage to loved ones or meaningful charities and empower you to pursue your life's aspirations.

Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc. knows that Wealth Planning is an on-going process. Our team of specialists will design a plan that directs you from your current financial situation, towards financial freedom. Because the only constant in life is change, we will provide regular reviews and modifications, assuring that your Wealth Plan is current and dynamic.


As Independent Advisors, we have access to thousands of products. Free from the constraint of proprietary products and investment banking relationships, we are able to work with our clients to determine a defined investment policy which will help guide the investment selection for their unique financial situation.


Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc. offers clients the opportunity to engage in the Wealth Planning 360 program or fee based asset management. This allows us to offer truly objective financial advice and align our goals with our clients goals.

Through our fee-based program, we are able to adjust your investment portfolio without requiring you to pay any commissions. Most importantly, since annual fees are based on total assets under management, fee-only asset management ties our compensation directly to the performance of your account, helping to further avoid any conflicts of interest.


In order to determine how to best address your overall financial goals, we have constructed a comprehensive investment consulting process. Working closely with you, we:

  • Discover your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Recommend wealth management strategies based on this
  • Implement these recommendations and construct a diversified portfolio
  • Review your investments regularly