Values-Based Financial Planning

Our team will customize a Values-Based Financial Plan that is a higher level view about your financial future, the emotional drivers or the "why" you want what you want, your most important goals, and a benchmarking of your current financial position. It's more strategic. The financial plan is the nitty-gritty, step by step actions required to actualize your Financial Road Map®. It's tactical. The best financial plans are preceded by a Financial Road Map®. The two work together very effectively. The bottom-line is that having a Financial Road Map® will be valuable for you whether or not you take care of the finances yourself. 

The outcome of this meeting is that you and/or your spouse end up with a complete Financial Road Map®. The conversations we have create a shared vision of your future; you end up with agreement about your goals and a perspective about the impact of having your entire financial house in order. 

Our team of professionals are qualified and experienced in handling the emotional, financial, and relationship aspects of life transitions and wealth transfers.

  • Analysis of needs and goals
  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Manager selection
  • Retirement Income
  • Investment strategies
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of investments
  • Ongoing education
  • Tax management
  • Long-term capital appreciation
  • Wealth structuring
  • Education savings programs
  • Wealth transfers
  • Socially responsible issues