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3 Fall Financial Goals

| September 15, 2014
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Summer is fading away as fall is approaching. This is a great time for a financial checkup. It is a good idea to review your spending habits and reconsider your budget. The following steps could help you finish the year on a good note financially.

1. Get Organized
Being disorganized can hurt your wallet and your credit. It is important to review your bills and budget. Be sure to keep track of what is coming in and out of your finances. A missed payment can cost you and hurt your credit score. If you notice new expenses or old ones paid off, adjust your budget accordingly to more accurately reflect your current spending.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Plan
Many people around the New Year’s mentality are “new year, new slate.” You probably set goals in the beginning of this year and may just need a checkup. Check to see if you are still on track to reaching your goals. If you are halfway there or not, there is still more time! Adjust your plan to try to reach your goals by the end of year. If there is not enough time to complete the goals, try to set some smaller, attainable goals you can reach along the way. This way you will still be moving in the right direction!

3. Debt, Savings & Investments
Part of moving forward is looking back. You should check to see if all of your financial ducks are in a row from debt to your nest egg to your investments. First, figure out what all your debts are and calculate those including interest rates. This can help you make payment plans that are logical and reasonable. Next, start an emergency savings fun plan that is equal to three to six months of expenses in case an emergency comes up. Take a look at your investments and long-term savings plans and make any necessary adjustments or rebalances.

No matter the time of year, it is never too late to take control of your finances. Taking a careful look at your past and future finances should help you stay on the right track to reaching financial goals. For more information, contact a Wealth Advisor at iWealth Global Management. You can reach us at 813-321-1572 or by email at

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